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Welcome to Bali Handicraft - arts and crafts website

Bali handicraft wholesale -, provides many types of handicraft such as: Bali wooden giraffes , natural leaves photo album, photo frame, address book, note book, wind chimes, drums in carving, full carving, painting, full painting, plain, airbrush and special alpine, abstract carving, Lombok handicrafts and many others.
We invite you to come to Bali-the major tourist destination. We will give our best products and services. We are willing to cooperate with importers, wholesalers, and distributor from all around the world.

The connection between Bali handicrafts, culture, arts and crafts
Bali is a place where arts, culture, religion, and people blend together to form harmony. This unique blend serves as a root for the creation of what has developed and grown into a truly wonderful arts and crafts industry. Please visit Bali Handicraft's Blog that related with culture, arts and craft.

The global market place for Indonesian handicrafts
Indonesian handicrafts have continued to gain in popularity over the years. They have earned a dominant place in the highly competitive international giftware and furnishings market place. Millions of dollars of handicrafts are now being exported all over the globe annually to gift shops, supermarkets, department stores, wholesalers, importers and distributors. supplies quality Bali handicrafts to such entities and currently exports to at least forty countries all over the globe.

Human resources and empowerment
Bali handicraft industry has thrived and it now provides employment and business opportunities for quite literally thousands of people. In addition to providing a livelihood for those in the handicraft industry, it has given a big boost to the economy. To appreciate how the handicraft industry functions and provides a living for so many people, you have to go off into the hills, far off the beaten track. You will find Balinese communities who are working hard turning bits of wood, bamboo, metal, leaves, and clay into truly amazing and marketable products.

The supply of Bali handicraft
We use the Internet and direct promotion campaigns to keep the handicraft industry alive in Indonesia and provides many of the home industry manufacturers with a channel to sell their arts and craft wares. Many handicraft products that we supply are the creations of the highly skilled artisans. To this end, we look forward to continuing our drive to keep supporting the communities of Indonesia by helping them to bring their unique skills and crafts to the world market place.

Come on in and see for yourself all the handicrafts that Indonesia has to offer. You'll be truly amazed!

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Arts Bali Updated News

 Bali handicraft exports
Bali's export of various handicraft products in the first ten months of 2007 rose 8.6 percent to US$202.8 million from US186.7 million in the same period last year. Wooden handicraft goods and furniture still dominated the export with a value of U..

 Bangliís crafts product exported to European markets
Bangliís as part of the regencies in Bali, which has a lot of unique handicraft products such handicraft made of glass. During the time, local craftsmen exported the product to European markets.

 Silver crafts exports experience increase
Baliís jewelry made of gold and silver well-known in foreign countries, particularly Europe and USA. Baliís craftsmen created the product with the unique design, a seller of silver accessories, Agustin said on Wednesday in Kuta.

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